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When the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis hit Australians, we recognized many of the real estate owners with mortgage stress and poor performing investment properties had made huge mistakes by not seeking independent and genuinely expert advice at the time of their purchase.

The need for property investors to select real estate that is of the best investment grade quality had never been more important. As was the need to ensure market advice and the ongoing management services of the tenant are handled by the best experienced and qualified real estate professionals.

Jason Wier, the founding Director of Rent ABC, offers his clients a comfort level that can only be found with 20 plus years of hands-on real estate experience and a unique combination of tertiary qualifications.

Jason is passionate about helping people avoid costly real estate mistakes and maximizing their lifestyle enjoyment. In his day-to-day business of real estate service, he thrives on enabling people to become happy and prosperous landlords with homes that attract great quality tenants.

Jason first obtained qualifications as a University Degree Graduate in Building Engineering in 1992, but it was real estate that launched his career. In the formative years, he was a monthly top 10 salesperson in a 50 office network and a State Grand Finalist in the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) Novice Auctioneers Competition 1993.

By 1994 he was combining his skill-set and running a pre-purchase building inspection business. In 1995 he purchased his first investment property while studying full-time for an Advanced Certificate in Estate Agency and maintaining his inspection business activities.

Having advised thousands of pre-purchase clients in respect of building quality, condition and maintenance requirements his experience leaves him in a superior position when discussing all matters of property management and maintenance.

Jason Wier B.Eng

Director & Founder


A wealth of experience lead Jason to Author a book “The Lucky Landlord” sold in bookstores and on Amazon, a FREE copy of the PDF is available by submitting your enquiry here. View Testimonials

Purchase a hard copy of The Lucky Landlord – https://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Landlord-Jason-Wier