Residential Rental Specialists

Servicing the Melbourne metropolitan area

100% Rental Management.

Our landlords experience reduced maintenance costs and greater rental income security. More specifically we target tenants with an excellent rental history.

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We believe actions speak louder than words. Test us by downloading our FREE book The Lucky Landlord.

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With a 100% dedicated rental specialist service, landlords receive more benefits and less hassle.

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Embracing technology and system based management provides opportunities for better service. We’re very well organised!

We provide free building inspection reports that help landlords understand the true condition of their property. We identify current and future maintenance or repairs, then structure a plan that owners can use to ensure that there are not bigger expenses down the track.

Ask about our “Tenant Proof Reports”.

Rental Maintenance Insights

  • Ensure small problems do not become big problems.
  • Make more money with less vacancy.
  • Tenants make a home of your rental.
  • Worry less about your investment and enjoy more of your personal time.

We are a Favourite with Responsible Tenants

As property management specialists we pay close attention to maintaining mutually respectful relationships with our tenants and those that value responsive communication. Because of the standards we set when a tenant moves in, we have an impeccably low vacancy rate and secure more long term tenants.

  • Our business focus is rentals not sales.
  • We market for tenants with a great track record.
  • Superior care and responsibility from our tenants.